Our Process

Post Design Planning

Once a design has been finalized and signed off with a client, a full project plan with estimated timelines is created. This allows for streamlined production and ensures a transparent construction process from start to finish.


The initial start of the project begins with demolition and excavation. This is where we remove and take away all unwanted material from your property and excavate to allow for the addition of 8 to 10 inches of aggregate base to ensure stability of your hardscape. All utilities will be run underground in accordance with Ontario safety bylaws.


Next we would excavate for your pool shape. We assemble your pool panels and pool supports. We then fill the base with gravel to ensure stability of your concrete base, following with the first layer of concrete. Next we pour a smooth coat of concrete to ensure a smooth base for your pool floor. Lastly we prep and install your liner, giving your pool its finished look.


Once the base is prepared, the finished hardscape including retaining walls, masonry walls, interlock and water features will be built to achieve the final grade finish of your project.

Softscape and Landscaping

We work with all major nurseries and landscape design specialists to ensure the perfect plants and softscape features are included in your backyard to aesthetically compliment your project.

Pool School

Once your project has been complete, we will teach you everything you need to know about your pool, backyard, and any necessary maintenance you will require. We leave you with guides and a direct line to the owner for any future questions. We offer full automation of your pool to reduce maintenance, including cellular control, PH sensors and adjusters and timers to make your pool operation as seamless as possible.

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