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Energy Efficient Pool Equipment Helps Save Money

For many, the added cost of installing a pool far outweighs the benefits, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Backyard Getaways helps you save money in the long run by using the best energy efficient equipment in the industry. We install energy efficient pool pumps, such as variable speed pumps. These pumps can reduce your pool’s energy consumption by as much as 45%. We also install the best pool heaters. Not only do they help you control the temperature of your pool, but they can also be a huge drain on your pocket book. We install energy efficient ones that can use up to 80% less energy than traditional heaters. We also choose the right pool filter. As experts in the industry we know what the best option is, including the right size and what material they should be made out of to help them last longer and save you money.

At Backyard Getaways, We are able to take on an entire backyard project ranging from pools to cabanas to landscaping. We specialize in quality pools, accompanied by hardscape, softscape, and accessory buildings. We work with each client to optimize their working space to maximize their enjoyment per square foot.

We offer complete turnkey projects that provide clients with the ability to live in their backyards. Why spend time inside when you can enjoy your backyard oasis? Reach out to our team to begin designing your Backyard Getaway today.

We also specialize in pool accessories and maintenance. Whether you want a winter safety cover, an auto cover, a liner repair or equipment replacements, we can help.

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