Backyard Getaways has specialized in pools since our inception. We understand that pools are the centerpiece of many backyards, providing a lifetime of experiences for all ages. Health benefits, family memories and a beautiful scenery are three of many benefits that come with having your own pool. Backyard Getaways will work with you to understand the size, shape and location of your pools so it best suits your needs. We offer a fully customized design approach to ensure you are happy with the final outcome.

We offer:

    1. Vinyl pools
    2. Fiberglass pools

Vinyl pools offer an option for customization at the lowest initial cost. Spillover spas, customizable lengths and shapes, and pool lights are available to compliment whatever backyard we will be working in. The multitude of vinyl liner options allow you to tailor the look of your pools to match the theme of your backyard.

Fiberglass pools offer less customization due to the prefabricated nature of the pool, though there are many options available that suit the needs of many clients. Fiberglass pools offer the quickest installation time and the least amount of lifetime maintenance. If you find a fiberglass spa shape that is right for you, this could be a feasible option for your backyard.

Backyard Getaways will work with you to ensure the right pool is chosen for you. We can incorporate water features like sprinklers and waterfalls to provide background noise and a beautiful scenery. We will ensure you and your family have a beautiful body of water to create lifelong memories in. From a grandchild’s first swimming lesson, to cooling off during a 30 degree summer day, a pool offers a multitude of benefits that will provide enjoyment for all ages. Don’t settle for a one week vacation, enjoy the feeling of a resort in your backyard whenever your heart desires with the help of Backyard Getaways.

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